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Scary project? Scary client? give them a scary font. It's a bit tough on printers with low memory, but great on the eyes. Comes with a free Type3 version (you have to call me for this, Mac only) just in case your printer won't handle the type one or TrueType.

How it was Created?

Guilty started out life as a full set of Xeroxed Helvetica from a sample book. After going through the full gamut of a hundred or so Xerox sessions It was scanned in and taken into Photoshop where I added some vertical and horizontal noise and made it into what it is today, then of course it went into Streamline and freehand.

The trouble with this font is that the number of points necessary to get the look I was after took it to a level that some printers do not like. I have left it with more than 256 points per character because I like the look, but I have to recommend changing the font to outlines before printing to a postscript printer to prevent errors. You could also use the Type3 version to prevent errors as well.

How can I get it?

This typeface can be purchased individually with immediate download from by following this link...

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