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Oddly enough, this one is a big hit in Australia... I think the name has something to do with that. It has a childlike hand drawn look, and is playful and fun to look at. No serious bones in this body of work.

How it was Created?

Weasel was created on a sheet of paper while I was doodling one day. After the letters were all drawn the font was scanned into the computer and the font was created.

I've been planning lately on expanding this once abandoned font design, this is due mainly to Chris MacGregors constant requests that this is his favorite of my fonts and he absolutely would love to have more than a basic display alphabet.

Think I should devote important TV time to filling out this face? Tell me so. otherwise I'll probably let it sit as is for a while longer.

Keep in mind that I have always had a long standing policy where anyone who purchases a font from me is entitled to free updates just for the asking, so If you like one of my more experimental faces like this one and it eventually gets upgraded to a full set, just ask...

How can I get it?

This typeface can be purchased individually with immediate download from by following this link...

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