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TypeCD 1.2
Atomic Suck
Badger Fatboy
Ben Day Square
Brahn Mufun
Cheap & Easy
Dogs on Mars?
Electric Weasel
Font Pirate
Human Condition
Jackrabbits Bar
LEaD Lights
Liquid Sex
Lumberjack Fred
Mondo Kaizen
Neck Candy
Nurse Ratchet
Regeneration X
Roadkill Piqnik
Leather Jackets
Two Beers

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The following links are password protected areas, you WILL NEED a PASSWORD and USERNAME to access these links. If you have been provided with a password and it is not working, please call (402) 968-0147 and someone will assist you. (Please have your order information handy)

All access is logged, all usernames and passwords are traced back to the original purchase, we know who you are and what you are doing...

(scary, isn't it? basically, this just means that if you go passing your passwords around, we'll have a legal record of what you did and how many times you did it. Then we'll just bill you extra for all the fonts you gave away to your friends, so "pirate" at your own risk and expense)

Item Description

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TypeCD 1.2 online

Download Shareware and Freeware Fonts

Welcome back shareware! The following fonts are being released as shareware. Each font is taken from one of the SynFonts font collections and is yours to try before you buy. ATTN FONT ARCHIVE OWNERS & WEBMASTERS: Do not download this font and place it on your server or cd rom. Do not link directly to the file. You may link to this page only, you are subject to the user license.

ATTN FONT DESIGNERS... Do you want something here? We've got lot's of space. If you think your stuff is good enough, send it in and if it is, I'll post it here. (please include all information and readme files with the font... Original fonts only please, no pirate copies, no knock offs)

Item Description


Ridicule Font (from the Lust Collection)

Leather Jackets (from the Envy Collection)

SkannerZ Bold (from the Anger Collection)

Neck Candy (from the Gluttony Collection)

Two Beers (from the Greed Collection)

LEaD Lights (from the Vanity Collection)

Dungeoneer (SynFonts)

Epiphany (Matthew Desmond)

Food Fancy (A.C.Asano Designs)

Happy Go Lucky (A.C.Asano Designs)

The links above will download files to your hard drive. While I do check these files with virus protection programs, it is always a good idea to check them yourself, because I take no responsibility for any problems that they may cause and by downloading them, you agree that it's just not my fault.

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