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Like circuits carved out of a human circuit board, this font has a gloomy and twisted look to it... kind of like some future generations science experiment (gone terribly wrong somehow), Definitely not for the timid typographer. (Caution, this font does not play well with others! Might EAT Times New Roman's brains)

As a side note, I usually don't end up naming the fonts what I first think the names will be. This particular face started out life being called Abigail, for no apparent reason I can think of now, but at the time, that's what my sleep deprived brain had tagged this with.

How it was Created?

This font was created by hand while I sat through a less than exciting local computer users group meeting. Sometimes getting bored produces some really strange things ;-)

After getting home from the meeting I took the illustrated letters and scanned them in to the computer and took them through Photoshop, Streamline and finally Freehand before entering them into Fontographer.

If you look around the typeface long enough you'll find extra characters in the font... call them whatever you like, initial caps or whatever, they were doodles. Still, they add something to this dark and yet whimsical font.

How can I get it?

This typeface can be purchased individually with immediate download from by following this link...

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