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This high tech grunge face has been used almost everywhere. Even featured in the book "faces from the edge" I'm sure that you will have a lot of fun coming up with uses for Aspersion. I do, It's one of my favorite fonts.

How it was Created?

The creation of this font took place on a powerbook 270c Duo using primarily Photoshop and Freehand. The creative inspiration came from playing with bitmapped fonts after looking at a font that I saw in Fuse that had a bitmapped feel but seemed to me to be too "perfect" I wanted to make a font that has a digital feel yet with a softer and more human edge.

I first generated some bitmaps in fontographer, selected the bitmaps that I was most interested in and imported them into Photoshop. I started playing around with different values in the blur filters that would bring the result that I wanted the font to have. The simple stuff works best it seems, as I used a simple blur and sharpen combination for the look I was after.

When I was done in Photoshop, I took the images into Streamline and converted them into outlines which I then edited in Freehand until the points and curves were good to go, at which point I imported the whole lot into Fontographer and created the font and the different weights.

How can I get it?

This typeface can be purchased as a family of three with immediate download from by following one of this link...

Purchase the Aspersion Family
(All 3 of the Aspersion Fonts)

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